Jordan Kahn

Jordan Kahn is Canadian rapper, musician, painter and writer born and based in Toronto. 

Who is Jordan Kahn?

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Jordan Kahn is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and hiphop music producer.

Through a long-time collaboration with producer, beat maker and songwriter Justin Kahn, his older brother, Kahn first released a collection of EPs and singles blending hiphop and electronic music throughout the 2010’s that served as low-key preludes to his official solo project that began in 2017. Together the two would collaborate on Kahn’s solo project, writing, producing, performing, mixing, and mastering the entire project in-house.

Evolving out of that bass-heavy electronic music from co-producer and older brother Justin “Big Bro” Kahn, Jordan garnered attention with his debut releases thanks to a unique and versatile delivery that blends multiple rap and singing styles seamlessly with sharp-witted wordplay and weighty, introspective songwriting. Kahn’s witty and often introspective lyrics are contrasted with music that goes from dream-like, with haunting pianos, 808 drum machines and sparse arrangements, to energetic, bass-heavy hiphop beats, all while Kahn switches through an arsenal of rapping and singing styles that go from a whisper-like chant to a more traditional, punch-line filled rap delivery.

In January, 2019, Kahn released “U R MY DRUG”, the first single from his debut full-length album “INSTRUCTIONS” scheduled for release on February 14, 2019. The album includes no features or outside production credits, and is written and produced by Jordan Kahn alongside producer Justin Kahn.